Dentus is an all in one software designed to reduce the use of paper in your office and optimize your work. Specialized time saving methods hepls praticioners with patient visits: you will deliver efficenty and enhance business performance.

It is extremely easy to use, you can start to use it after few clicks.

Designed for modern dentists, the program quickly and simply stores datas on your own network or cloud.

Use online manual and tutorials to deeply learn how to use it.

Gestione Pazienti Preventivi Cartella Clinica Scheda Contabile Paziente Agenda


Do you own a multidisciplinary office? You can add Medicus to Dentus and use only one database to manage everything and each department will see only what it need.

Use Medicus stand-alone for chiropratic, medical, veterinar and other practices where staff needs efficenty and collaboration.



Dentus can be used as a single-user (on a single computer) or as multi-user (multiple computers on the network).
You can activate only needed modules, and when you are ready to power up your software, you can upgrade license to achieve more functions.



Dentus works on the most common operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Dentus you can both buy annual rental or buy the permanently license.
You can choose the most convenient based on your needs. You can try for a year and after buy the permanently license.

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Dentus has three main areas:


 Patient Infos

Here you can insert, modify and delete patients.

Enter all patient information in the form to create a new patient, but for a quick start only few infos are required. Additional infos can be insert when needed.

Health status folder will keep general health infos of patient, that can be whatched on every clinical area for quick remind.

Family info can be set here, to easily swich to another member or know about payment status.


 Treatment Plans folder

After selecting a patient, in the Treatment Plan you can manage treatment plans for a patient.

The program allows the insertion of various enties for treatment on more teeth, thus achieving a quote in a few seconds.

You can add disconuts, by typing a fixed number or by percentual; Dentus can round quote.


 Clinical folder

In this tab you can find a dental scheme (upper) and a clinical diary (lower).

In each view you can select what you want to be show: to-do treatments, incomplete treatments, done treatments.

You may filter view, excluding comments, notes and events, extras.

A tiny progress-bar show you treatment-plan progression and payment progression.

Each voice can be  highlighted .

cartella clinica

Rx-ray and images can be included in the clinical folder.

cartella clinica

Parodontal measures are integrated in the same folder, allowing comparisons between different measures.

Filling Symbols Root diagrams
fill symb diag

cartella clinica

 Account folder

This is the place where the patient's finances are organized.

Here you can change account info for a family member, show family payment status, managing up to 10 payment plans for treatment to allow an accurate individualization of paying due.

Each patient has is own account list, and payment infos can be easily be printed as report.


 Recall & Reminds folder

In this folder you can set periodical recall for patient.

Time interval can be set at single specific day or every month, year or different time range.

For people that don't pay, you can set remind of payments until law intervent.



The Appointments Module is the base of the dental work. From here you can set and see appointments for the day, week or month at a glance, and easily manage and schedule appointments.

There's also a special Annual Calendar view done for setting multi-days notes.

You can setup until 10 units with different colors, and change minimum time unit for appointments.

Patient schedule can be print with thermal printer, or send via SMS and e-mail.

You can jump from one appointment to another of the same patient, or call by phone with a click: you can easily re-schedule a day...

Appointments can be searched; you can also move one of them with drag 'n drop, or cut, copy and paste.

Special icons identify Emergence, simple appointment for a check, and new patient visit.

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